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Contemporary Renaissancee 

     Contemporary civilization based on the liberal post-industrial capitalist model of social organization and its numerous variants has reached a stage in history where it has almost exhausted all possible applications of its core economic, political and socio-cultural paradigms coming from the European enlightenment and Renaissance. Stagnation, erosion, disintegration and anachronism of old concepts and practices are today an indisputable reality. This is indicating that rebirth is a crying need of this time. A renaissance in the concepts of social thinking and then their application for making of new cultural, economic and political organizations. And this time we submit that any new social thinking about changing society and its social interactions, policies, and institutions has to be based primarily on the changing of the emotional and intellectual culture and mind-set of individuals. More specifically, contemporary man needs to construct new emotional fundamentals for all dimensions of his individual and social existence. And these have to be about the fundamental connection between man and his time.  

To confront and reverse the present unstoppable process of individual and social disintegration and crises, to channelize contemporary progress and to fully utilize the potential of science and technology for making a more harmonious and stable future for human species in all its dimensions we have to begin with making a new mental culture, based on evolving the new post-genetic intellect based mind. The latter will in fact be a new means of production in the contemporary period of science and technology, with major implications and consequences for the cultural, economic and political organization of human society. In order to make the new mental and social culture spearheaded by the new intellect based mind, which would then become the basis of the new post-science and technology civilization, we need a new kind of movement. And this movement will be made of individuals and then groups who will come together on the basis of this new contemporary agenda of human mental evolution and its new vision of making a new civilization.     

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