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How the human mental processes integrate with

The Universal Logic Process

Since the period of civilization commenced, a natural inclination of the human mind has been to ask questions about the origins and working of our observable universe or Nature and look for rational and tangible answers and explanations. Connected to these questions were issues like what is the relationship between man and Nature and what is man’s role in the larger scheme of things. We have been living with these questions ever since and the intensity of involvement with them has kept growing with every new era and generation of human beings. But we are still some distance away from finding intellectually and emotionally sufficient and satisfactory answers to these questions. 

In earlier times, neither an advanced scientific knowledge fund nor sophisticated tools and methods driven by technological developments were available to the intellectual processes of philosophers, prophets, poets, mystics, etc., hence they were limited and circumscribed in their thinking and reasoning process. Whatever they could discover by stretching their own faculty of thinking and reasoning was the best they could do. But since they could not find tangible answers hence the insights and understandings acquired by them degenerated to become dogmatic idea and doing systems propounding fixed and static rules of Nature. Which we can see today, are in fact anti-evolution or in other words anti-Nature because evolution is a core fundamental of Nature. In recent times however, due to man’s growing intellectual capability and practical ability to make new tools, processes, methods and techniques, driven by accumulating scientific knowledge this need not be so. Contemporary man, compared to his past state, can acquire a more clear and positive understanding of the above mentioned questions about Nature and man based on his growing sensitivities and capability of reason derived from the rapidly advancing knowledge fund about micro and macro phenomena in Nature. He can for the first time intelligently understand the causation and working of both the macro process of Nature and his own micro process of mind, and their fundamental interconnection. An understanding, which would be a very powerful tool for contemporary man to undertake a restructuring and upgrading of his mental life and also the life outside of him; all areas of his social, political, cultural and economic existence and the larger environment of Nature. 


We hope our work in this area offers a new way of understanding Nature or what we refer to as the ‘Universal Logic Process’, and man, which can become a more real and effective part of contemporary man’s emotional and intellectual lives. 

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