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Intelligent Mental Evolution

     The transition from our existing unintelligently formed gene based mental operating system (or genetic mind) to a consciously engineered intellect based mind (post-genetic mind) cannot become a reality merely by having abstract ideas about it. Hence the theoretical framework arguing for this transition has to get translated into a practical journey which an individual has to undertake within the existing reality or specifics of his existing genetic mind. If an individual is emotionally and intellectually convinced of making this transition then he needs to discover the appropriate method, which means steps and stages, of practically making his post-genetic mind a reality both in terms of his own internal experience and in third person observation. 

Contemporary humans are heirs to a long tradition of attempts to ‘know’ and ‘change’ the human mind and ‘Self’. Mystics, prophets, poets, philosophers, scientists and even ordinary individuals have been employing both nonverbal intuitive ideas, perceptions and advanced intellectual processes and capabilities of reason to understand and change the mind and human personality. These attempts have provided mankind with important and useful insights and ideas about the working of the mind and how to modify it through various methods, techniques and practices. In all these attempts ‘understanding’ and ‘changing’ has served the purpose of correcting, modifying or controlling behavior and addressing some mental aberrations or disorders. We propose that they have not been about any fundamental or structural change in the core mental design or in other words engineering or evolution of the mind. Maybe because the need, sufficient conditions and required resources for evolution of the mind had not yet come into being. Contemporary man, however, is in a better position to make yet another attempt to ‘know’ and ‘change’ his mind and personality or Self through generating an internal knowledge based mental process based on accumulating awareness and cognition of mental processes. And then applying that process to make mental tools to carry out a serious process of pruning, reorganizing, dismantling the old and making of new mental formations, processes and functions. In short, intelligently carry out a process of transition from the existing gene-based mental complex to the intellect based mind, which is both a new human identity/personality and also another phenomenon and species in Nature. 

What this suggests is that an individual has to concretely within his mind go through the mechanics, steps and stages of this transition as an on-going process in his given lifespan. So it is not just a matter of having some abstract, esoteric and ad-hoc ideas and their corresponding doing for tailored purposes but a matter of in-depth and holistic knowledge about the mind; its origins, formation, evolution, functioning and fundamental connection with the larger process of Nature, and its application in terms of going through a process of mental restructuring and engineering to acquire a new identity and form in Nature. This knowledge will include stages and steps starting from mental cognition of the structure and working of the mind as a gene-based response system and personality. And then the making and employing of mental tools (nonverbal and verbal) for carrying out a process of internal communication between emotional and intellectual processes for dismantling old mental formations and patterns and making new ones. The next stages will be of identifying and addressing the obstacles in this process of mental restructuring and then the intelligent monitoring of this process to ensure the growth and maturing of the new intellect based mind and personality. 

To sum up, it is for the first time in the history of Nature’s macro process that mental intelligence can become a proactive player and partner with Nature to enable it to take this qualitative step of evolution as the next stage of its own evolutionary journey. What this translates into is that contemporary man can induce a bifurcation within his mind today. Alongside operating his present mental life and its thinking and doing it can start a parallel process of the above-mentioned evolution within his mind, the need for which is very much there due to the highly dispersed, disintegrating, directionless and dissatisfactory state of his individual and social existence.   

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