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What is Evolutionary Mentology

I would like to divide what I have to say about my work in two parts. Firstly, the premise and the fundamentals in my work, and secondly, some of the applications of those premises. My basic premise is the process of evolution in Nature. My concept of evolution does not occupy the same space as that of Darwin’s work. Rightly or wrongly I go back in time to the beginning of time when energies began to appear in various varieties out of unevenness in space time geometry (carrying multiple potentials of energy) of Nature. And thereafter when these energies began to produce mass coupled with energy forms, such as particles, which evolved into more advanced versions of particles, leading to the evolutionary process out of the Big Bang when they produced atoms and later on molecules. The rest after the Big Bang is history, which is well understood and documented.

This evolution went on to produce living forms about four billion years ago. With this started the evolution of living or biological forms in Nature, which recently about two hundred thousand years ago produced the Homo sapiens. Thereafter begins the evolutionary process which produced the birth of civilization, with the coming of language and agriculture about ten to twelve thousand years ago. During this recent period we have the evolution of cultures and civilizations and then modes of production, coming to the nineteenth century wherein the evolutionary platform was set to produce the Industrial Revolution. And then we come to the modern times. I would only add that in my opinion there was yet another qualitative leap in about the 1960s which produced the knowledge revolution, resulting in the discovery of the Big Bang, genes, silicon chips, and the discoveries in Particle Physics and Astrophysics, and of course the coming of computer and the digital age. In parallel we witness the evolution of society and the coming of new varieties of divisions such as classes in terms of production relations. Finally, we come to the end of twentieth and the beginning of twenty first century when we witness new dimensions of politics and social formations, and tensions, the hallmark of contemporary times.

Now, in this view I find a journey of macro Nature through a logical process which I call evolution as a whole and in steps and stages. Here I would like to add that this entire process is a reflection of the fundamentals of Nature at work. These fundamentals are: firstly, motion of things which have an objective existence. The thing does not yet have to be material. Materiality itself is a product of evolution and comes only in the fullness of time. Meanwhile things mean something in existence, be it a specific form or energy potential. Secondly, the interconnection between things in Nature in consequence of motion. Thirdly, interaction between things in consequence of interconnection. Fourthly, all steps in Nature have to be logical. Nothing can be or occur illogically. Logic here means the objective reality of cause and effect and its specifics in each case. Fifthly, this active complexity itself is an evolving and growing complexity, in an active state, which I would broadly refer to as the dynamic in Nature. Sixthly, the evolutionary steps in Nature are not just the production of a novelty. The logic of evolution in my view is such that it will always produce a permutation and combination in conclusion of each package of dynamic so that the next product of evolution is more complex, stable and competent in qualitative terms. So we come to the contemporary Man and his various social formations.

At this stage the point arises that Man is clearly the most advanced, complex and capable product in Nature as a whole. And that is why perhaps prophets were tempted to designate Man as a son of god or the spirit of god. However, be that as it may, the more important issue is that has evolution come to an end with the coming of Man? The answer in the affirmative would clearly be illogical and without any rational or factual basis. All evidence and reasoning point to the fact that the concurrent Man is a work in progress and it is not only a question of another culture or another social or political order but that of a post-human species. The term ‘human’ referring to Man as he is. I have no objection to the successor species to Man also being referred to as ‘human’ as long as a clear distinction is made between the ‘existing’ human and the ‘future’ human. Therefore, we need to look at contemporary Man in the context of the evolutionary process in the grip of which he is at present and the issues and the tasks that arise out of that view of Man.

The advent of biological phenomena in Nature gave rise to living things, comprising basically of biological organisms and structure, coupled with an emotional process for achieving survival, which essentially consisted of the process of acquiring nourishment from the environment for the biological organism. This resulted in producing evolutionary processes and stages from one animal form to another animal form until we come to the stage when about ten thousand years ago, with the advent of the agricultural mode of acquisition, language evolved. Initially it was meant to make the acquisitive process more efficient. This was our Homo sapien. This was also the beginning of the proper ‘mental’ process as distinct from an elementary emotive cum mental process in pre-human life forms. A verbal data fund of observed reality, coupled with a cogitative process of reasoning in terms of cause and effect also on a verbal platform, gave rise to a distinct capability which I would label as the ‘mental’ process, in addition to the preexisting biological processes of the Homo Sapien.

The significant and distinctive feature of this development, in my opinion, is that the living being for the first time is able to achieve an escape from the confines of the random process of cogitation into the realm of the intelligent cogitative process which has the potential for connecting to reality on an objective and rational basis. This is the beginning of the intellectual process. However, this is not a smooth transition. The potential of the intellect has to emerge out of the clutches of the subjective mental process. And that is where we stand today. The stakes in this evolutionary game are very high indeed. The transition to a verbal intelligent stage is not limited to the arena of the acquisitive process for biological purposes. The potential of the language-based intelligence goes well beyond its initial motivation. The new version of the intellectual intelligence becomes capable of looking at the human mental processes as a whole and as a thing in itself.

If we go back a little we can notice that in the earlier animal stage the biological process is not a purely biological phenomenon made up of molecules. The complex biological process has to have equally complex software or programmes for the interaction between biological components and mechanics. And that software is not made up of biological molecules. That software for biological interactions and animal intelligence has to be a hybrid of an interaction between the various magnetic fields, which randomly exist in Nature, and their interconnection and interaction with the biological bits and pieces. In other words, the living biological processes are a composite of natural magnetic fields (relating to massless and mass based energies) of different varieties and the purely biological components. This in fact is the foundation upon which the later verbal intellect develops in the form of contemporary human intellect. And thereafter necessarily at a certain stage one of the objects of the emerging intellect’s attention will become the intellect itself which would involve an intelligent understanding of the logic of interconnection between the magnetic fields and the biological process. And this would have the potential of an intelligent understanding of the mental processes themselves, thereby opening up the potential for further and advanced applications of this knowledge of the mental processes. This would enable a higher quality of observation of objective reality and a higher capability of being able to handle the complex permutations and combinations that arise therefrom. And thus it would open up a completely new post-animal vista or a platform for further human development which would enable it to shift from the random process[i] to the intelligent process[ii] as a whole. That would be the making of the new Man – the post-Homo sapien Man.

I submit that this constitutes serious evolution and the platform for a post-human species, which is a qualitatively more capable species, both in terms of its subjective processes and its objective capabilities. The sum total of this evolutionary process gives rise to the birth of a far more capable person subjectively and objectively. In turn this gives rise to the basis of a completely different civilization, if I may say so, a post-random, intelligent process based culture and civilization. I believe this is not only the vision but also the task which confronts contemporary Man. It is an inquiry into this territory that I refer to as Evolutionary Mentology.


Raza Kazim

Sept 2016


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